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5 Things Every Husband Will Discover About His Wife If He Pays Attention

There are many things a husband should know about his wife. These five are just the tip of the iceberg. Let them lead you into a conversation of discovery about your mate as you learn her more and more.

1. She is on your side.

In a healthy loving marriage, she is for you and not against you. At times it may feel like she is siding with her parents or even the children. Just because you don’t see eye to eye in every situation, that doesn’t mean she is against you. Talk to her. Understand where she is coming from and give her an opportunity to hear your heart. She really is on your side.

2. When she talks sometimes she just needs you to listen.

Listen attentively, nod your head, give an “oh I see” “wow really” every now and again. Just let her get it out. Don’t try to fix it. Just let her talk. Men can have the tendency to problem solve as she is talking, when she simply needs to express her thoughts.

3. When you help out without her asking, that can be a real turn on.

You know your wife pretty well. You know her routine. What is it she could use help with? Is it the dishes, the babies, keeping her car filled with gas, or deciding what’s for dinner instead of saying, “it doesn’t matter to me.” Take the step to notice what she could use help with and get it done.

4. She wants to see your love expressed.

To say, “I love you” is an awesome thing but she may desire to experience that love expressed. Talk to her, find out what your love expressed looks like to her. If you are bringing her flowers to outwardly express your love and come to find out she stopped liking cut flowers two years ago, as a husband you are trying real good but still missing the mark. Find out what expression of love makes her heart soar.

The joy you bring and the love you share increases your quality of life. Money can’t buy that.

5. Her life is better with you.

5. Her life is better with you.

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In a healthy positive marriage, her life really is better because of you. In the midst of trying to pay bills, make ends meet, and hustle to make a dollar, you may not be able to give her all the things you want her to have but yet and still, her life is better with you. Even though its a nice thing, it’s not because every bill is paid and there is a stack of money in the bank that her life is better with you. The joy you bring and the love you share increases your quality of life. Money can’t buy that.

I understand that your wife can be a mystery. We all are a mystery. But she is a mystery worth solving. Start with these 5 things every husband should know about his wife, and continue to chase and pursue her. Be on the hunt to solve the mystery. The rewards will be great.

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