Tuesday, 31 March 2015

5 Quick Things You Can Do To Have A Sexier Bedroom Tonight


I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.

I am generally okay with keeping most of my house looking halfway decent. With working full time, writing part time and three children, it’s not always easy, but at the very least, the parts of my house that most people see are somewhere in the vicinity of “not embarrassing.”

My bedroom is where it all tends to go downhill. It just ends up being the place that everything that doesn’t have a place finds a home. It is the opposite of the sexy sanctuary that it is supposed to be a lot of the time.

Maybe you’re someone who never struggles with this, but if you’re like me, having a bedroom that looks like a cross between a laundromat and the land of misfit toys isn’t really the ticket to putting you in the sexiest of moods. If you don’t have the time to do a complete overhaul on your bedroom right this moment, here are some quick ways that you can sexify your bedroom in just a few minutes.

Get all of the paper out of it. Mail, magazines, kids’ artwork from school. Take it out of your room. It doesn’t actually matter where you put it for now. If you have a decorative box that you can put it in somewhere, then put it there and make an appointment with yourself to go through it. Your goal for the moment is just to put it somewhere else.

Put your clothes where you can’t see them. Like a lot of women, I am good for having clothes either piled up or folded up in a chair. Put them away somewhere. Unless they’re piles of lingerie that you are about to put on immediately, your clothing pile is not hot.

Put all of the toys somewhere else Get the kids toys out of your room right now. Rolling over on a LEGO will kill the mood each and every time. Again, if you don’t have time, you don’t have to put them all exactly back where they belong. Just gather them up and put them in a place that is not your room.

Put your nicest linens on your bed You might need to wash a load of sheets for this, but make sure your linens match and put the nicest stuff in your room. I had to remind my husband about not putting our fitted sheet on our son’s bed recently. Only people with jobs in my house get a high thread count!

Light a scented candle Now that your room is free of junk and/or kid-paraphernalia, engage your senses with your favorite scent. Smell-goods will help relax you and get the mood right.

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