Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Read Ali Baba’s Article On Why People Should Not Be Pissed When Others Miss Their Calls


Ace veteran comedian, Ali Baba wrote a post on people who get angry when their calls are not picked.

The pioneer of Nigerian comedy wrote the post on his Facebook account.

Read the post below: -

What I am about to say today is about something the best of us do without knowing. It’s about use of phones and their impact on relationships.

Sometime back, my friend called his fiancé & from what I heard, (his tone, his language and body language) I could see a very livid guy! The explanation that he got from the other end of the phone, obviously, did not impress him.

I gave him some time to cool off and I showed him a BBM I received.

“You have refused to pick my calls ABI? I have called you 3 times and you feel you are too big now to pick calls. Mr big man we SEF go get money”.

When I got that, I quickly went to check my phone. And true to his words, he had called. Sadly, the 3 calls were back to back in the 3pm stretch of my ‪#‎AlibabaSeriously‬ Show (‪#‎NigeriaInfoFm‬ 2-4p Weekdays).

Which brings me to my grouse. Why do people always expect that everyone MUST ALWAYS be holding their phones and waiting for their call. Expected and time appointed calls are a different matter.

I was traveling out sometime back and as my bag was about going through the screening machine, I saw a call coming in from an old schoolmate. There was nothing I could do. So I made a mental note to call him back once I went through security. There was no use returning a call before wearing my shoes, putting my belt back on, wristwatch, iPad and laptop back in the bag… As I was putting the phone in my pocket, I saw I had 5 missed calls. My old school mate had 3 of the calls. But before I could return his call, he sent a text.

“What’s your problem? You think I want to beg you for money? What can you do for me sef? It’s not your fault!”

I read the text over and over again. Why so much beef? I typed a reply, read it over and decided, it was bitter reply. Before I could settle down in the lounge, the same guy had had time to report me to a common friend who called me to ask why I was treating our guy like that. And went further to say the guy was pained and had vowed he will never call me again.

These days, I have come to realize that, you could be the reason why someone somewhere is angry, not because you caused it, they just felt like transferring their anger on you and it looked like you were not ready to take it.

Let me just say here, that I understand how frustrating it is to want to speak to someone, you then make the call and the called party does not pick the call. Have you, at anytime, sat down to think of the hundreds of reasons, that could be responsible for your call, not to have been answered? Because, if you go on and make up a reason your call was not answered, you just might be wrong.

Having read this far, I bet you already can recall how many times you thought wrong on why your call was not picked.

The person fit dey baff, Swim or even dey kaka. The called party could be driving, playing golf, praying, in a banking hall, sleeping, in a fight, being reprimanded for taking a personal call at work, having dinner, consoling someone, in a meeting and can’t talk, phone is on silent, has nothing to tell you, on a television or radio show, on stage, in front of his boss, confessing to a priest, angry at you and the person don vex, attending mass, dodging a creditor, LASTMA, CHECKPOINT, ANGRY MOPOL asking questions, lost an election, lost money, quarreling with significant other, expecting an international call, they are fasting and e fit be you WEY dem send come, she is taking injections for rabies after a dog bite, doesn’t want to talk because s/he is in a bad mood…

My people, people are not sitting down somewhere waiting for you, 24/7 to call them.

What do I know SEF? SHEBI I be comedian.”

by Greenstarnetwork admin..

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